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Return ‘Em Right’s mission is to improve reef fish survival by equipping anglers with the knowledge and gear to confidently and successfully release reef fish.

Anglers have the ability to positively impact the health of the fishery by using best release practices.

This angler-driven program provides training and free release gear to Gulf of Mexico reef fish anglers that are committed to using best release practices and helping the future of the fishery. Join the community and take the training today!

Photo of a person holding a red snapper at the water's surface that's being lowered by a descending device

Reef Fish

Reef fish support major recreational and commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). They are economically, ecologically and culturally important. Large numbers of reef fish are caught and released either by choice or because fishing regulations constrain what can be retained. Reef fish caught in deep water may experience barotrauma from rapid ascent to the surface.
Red snapper at the surface of the water with signs of barotrauma including stomach protruding from its mouth

The Problem

Fish that are caught in deep water often experience barotrauma from being reeled up from depth. Barotrauma occurs when gases expand in a fish’s tissues and organs causing internal damage and bloating. When released, these fish can struggle to return back to depth and consequently die. The effects of barotrauma and release often lead to a high number of fish dying unless fish are released properly.
SeaQualizer descending device being used on red snapper

The Solution

Releasing Fish Responsibly
Releasing fish responsibly means being prepared and using appropriate best handling practices any time you plan to release a fish after it’s been caught. It’s our responsibility to do our best to ensure the fish we release survive to grow, spawn and be caught again.

Providing anglers with the knowledge and tools necessary to increase survival of released fish will benefit anglers and the overall health of our reef fish fisheries.

Join the Community!

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