Why Care

Why should you care?

  • Because you LOVE to fish!
  • Protect a resource for the next generation of anglers. Release mortality plays a role in stock assessments. Improving the survival of fish after release may show a positive impact on the stock. 
  • Potentially catch the same fish in season or of legal size. Many reef fish have high site fidelity, which may lead you to catch the same fish you’ve caught before.
  • Allow juvenile fish to grow and spawn. One fish has the potential to lay millions of eggs, giving reef fish the potential to reach sexual maturity will benefit the population.
  • Contribute to the health and success of reef fisheries. 

What can you do?

  • Be a responsible angler and do your part to ensure fish survive release. 
  • Incorporate best release practices into your fishing plan, and always have the right tackle and tools with you.
  • Take ownership over the resource we love and live for. 
  • Encourage other anglers to Return ‘Em Right and use best practices. 

Sharpen your release skills

Beginning in fall 2021, federally permitted headboat and charter boat captains and crew will receive an invitation to the Return ‘Em Right program’s short 15-minute training and will receive free release gear in return. The package of gear will include a descending device and other gear to allow anglers to release fish experiencing barotrauma and improve their chance of survival.

Private recreational anglers, pre-register here for an opportunity to learn best practices and receive free reef fish release gear starting in spring 2022!

Be a part of the Return 'Em Right community by tagging
#ReturnEmRight in photos with your catches and
using release gear.

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